Fast and flexible data conversion

It has already saved me tremendous amount of time in converting hex values” 

– Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, Project Manager
Energy Storage Systems

Challenge and Ambition

When testing Battery Management Systems, large data files containing CAN BUS hexadecimal data frames multiple signals are generated.

Extracting the right signals from the data frames for further processing is very time-consuming as the data frames vary between tests.


We quickly created a small standalone tool that takes a data file and a BUSMASTER definition file as input – and autogenerates both a pdf report and CSV files with the signals for further processing.

The tool is wrapped in a simple user interface and is easily distributable across the organization.

Customer: Lithium Balance

Industry: Energy

Battery Management Systems fast and flexible data conversion

'Day-to-day scripting in Simulation'

by Tore Findsen

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