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At resolvent we are motivated by revealing qualified technical insights that allows you to accelerate your time to market.

We always aim for close collaboration where we combine your specialized product knowledge with our broad modelling experience. It is a both efficient and inspiring way of working which saves not only time and money, but also allows you to investigate and test new and more designs, products and processes leading us all to a more sustainable future.

And one more thing – when the project is concluded the model can quickly become the engine of your new simulation App, ready to share with the entire organization. This significantly increases the speed of development, support, scale of production - even sales!

Our philosophy is to start simple and then increase complexity only if needed.

Efficiency, quality, and curiosity are key words for us, and we are proud to be members of the certified COMSOL consultant family.

Multiphysic simulation projects / Digital Prototype

Based on your input, for example CAD files or chemical composition, we establish a Multiphysic Simulation Model, verify it against literature or test data and conduct the agreed simulations.

You gain new insights in terms of:

  • Product potential – optimization/cost cutting
  • Sensitivity study – where to focus
  • De-bottlenecking options

Agile and efficient simulation resource

When the workload and the needed capabilities changes, we provide you scalable highly qualified resources. The setup has high flexibility in terms of interchangeable technical profiles and workplace.  resolvent simulation specialists support your existing team or become your dedicated agile simulation department.

  • Simulation capabilities always available
  • Flexible technical profile depending on tasks
  • Qualified sparring for your in-house simulation team
  • Test software prior to investment

Customized Simulation Apps

Customized Simulation Apps

We turn your models into user-friendly Apps. Hereby your entire organization can benefit from the underlying models. No modeling experience is required on your part.

  • Customizable in- and output
  • Knowledge sharing throughout the organization
  • Strong tool for i.e. upscaling, technical support and sales
  • Automatically generated reports

Data Analysis & Machine Learning

We engage in a qualified discussion with you on how to benefit the most from your available data. Using advanced data analysis, we establish an overview of your data and ensure improved usability and overview. We work with tasks within advanced data analysis involving:

  • Scientific visualization
  • Regression
  • Classification (e.g. with tensorflow)
  • Unsupervised learning (e.g. with autoencoder)
Data Analysis & Machine Learning

Tailored training

Tailored training

Peer-to-peer sparring or training is an efficient way of getting simulation tasks done while increasing the capability of your simulation team.

Our simulation courses build on the competencies, software and needs of each individual customer.

We conduct courses and training online and/or at your premises.

Strategic implementation of simulation

Start right and experience the full potential of implementing simulation as a key tool. It will benefit your entire organization from the development department to support and sales. We conduct a full risk/reward analysis of implementing Multiphysical Simulation in your organization. Covering;

  • Software selection
  • Key simulation projects
  • Staffing & training
  • Stepwise implementation plan
Strategic implementation of simulation

Digital Twin

Velux - Digital Twin

Getting well onboard IR 4.0 the first step is a digital model of your product. We assist you in converting the detailed Simulation Model to an agile Digital Twin, which will serve as platform for customer support and lifetime product optimization.

  • Monitor and predict live data
  • Live Interphase
  • Advise on placing of sensors

'Day-to-day scripting in Simulation'

by Tore Findsen

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