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In resolvent we find great motivation in sharing learnings and discuss the newest technics and trends within Multiphysic simulations, Machine Learning and data analysis. We hope to see you at a conference, webinar or one of our Network events!


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‘Day-to-day scripting in Simulation’
by Tore Findsen


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Previous events

September 2023
  • DANSIS 25 year Anniversary symposium
May 2023
  • Optimering af processer I medicinalindustrien |  COMSOL
December 2022
  • Ingeniøren online briefing | Samarbejde Med COMSOL
October 2022
  • DTU Physics and Nanotechnology Matchmaking Day 2022

June. 2022

  • Multiphysics Simulation Network, at IDA Copenhagen

Apr. 2022

  • Scripting and Automatization in Commercial FEA, SPM22 network

Mar. 2022

  • Webinar, Mechanical simulation with COMSOL hosted by ‘Ingeniøren’

Jan. 2022

  • Multiphysics Simulation Network, IDA Copenhagen
    A forum for industry-leading companies and experts from academia to discuss the latest technics and benefits of multiphysics simulation.

Nov. 2021

  • GPA Europe, online conference with our customer Axens. V. Alessandro Checchi
    Understanding and identifying reflux in NG dehydrators through CFD

Oct. 2021 

  • Webinar with COMSOL and Ingeniøren v. Lene Gottrup Barfod
    Modelling in the Chemical industry - Upscale with simulation saves time and money

 Sep. 2021 

June 2021 

  • PE-Region online conference v. Alessandro Checchi
    Talk on ‘Modelling of condensation/evaporation in electronics 

March 2021 

  • Webinar with COMSOL and Ingeniøren, v. Lene Gottrup Barfod
    Developing Power to X with simulation
  •  Webinar with Teknologisk Insitutut, Aarhus. V. Anders L. Christensen
    ‘How DigiTwins contribute to the green transition in ceramics’ 

Oct. 2020 

  • COMSOL Conference Europe v. Matteo Lualdi and Morten Siwertsen
    Modelling of microstructure parameters in a high temperature and pressure alkaline electrolysis cell 

 Sep. 2020 

  • Multiphysic Simulation Network  

Aug. 2020  

  • SPM event at Linak v. Anders L. Christensen
    Digital prototype used for optimization of spider bike power-meter 

 June 2020 

  • Webinar with COMSOL and Ingeniøren  

November 2019 

  • Webinar with COMSOL and Ingeniøren
    Democratization of simulation’ - How to make your simulation models available for your colleagues  

Sep. 2019 

  • Multiphysic Simulation Network, Copenhagen  

 March 2019 

  • Multiphysic Simulation Network, Aarhus

'Day-to-day scripting in Simulation'

by Tore Findsen

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