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At resolvent we are motivated by revealing qualified technical insights that allows you to accelerate your time to market. We always aim for close collaboration where we combine your specialized product knowledge with our broad modelling experience. It is a both efficient and inspiring way of working which saves not only time and money, but also allows you to investigate and test new and more sustainable designs, products and processes leading us all to a more sustainable future.

And one more thing – when the project is concluded the model can quickly become the engine of your new simulation App, ready to share with the entire organization. This really increases the speed of development, support, scale of production - even sales!

Our philosophy is to start simple and then increase complexity only if needed. Efficiency, quality, curiosity, and sustainability are key words for us.

resolvent is a proud member of the certified COMSOL consultant family.

Peristaltic Pump

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Examples of key benefits from multiphysical simulations


Reduce time to market

Working with us makes it possible to test out your ideas quickly and gain valuable insights. You can then change your product accordingly and have an organization that is much more driven by insights. This will all in all reduce time to market drastically.


Visualize product performances

When our simulations are completed you will receive visualizations that highlight how the product performs. This is a strong communicative tool that makes for some very good discussions and can also be used with great results  in marketing to highlight product features and more.


Increase product quality

By simulating processes we can eliminate defects in the final products. This brings production costs down, saves on consumer return rates, warranty issues and more. The entire value chain benefits from simulations and you can reduce expenses every step of the way.


'Day-to-day scripting in Simulation'

by Tore Findsen

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